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November 29, 2009


Jeanne B.

Jack is adorable! If the size of his hind feet are any indication, he might grow up to be a Bigun like my Zander. He reminds me of Zander at that age: same color and configuration. Zander grew into his feet, ears and tail to weigh in at a healthy 23 pounds at his peak--and that was not fat! His frame is Extra Large! Biiiiiig cat.

A word of caution: Jack looks like he's couch surfing. My cat Blue loved to do that as a kitten, and I didn't distract him from it. My couch... oh. My poor couch. It is completely shredded into threads along the bottom now, because at five years old, Blue still couch surfs daily. Because of this, I know what the word "threadbare" looks like!


Oh, so cute!!! And amazing that all the other animals like him. Maybe that's because he's a kitten and they think he's cute, too.

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