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August 06, 2007



That sounds like a great weekend :)


Looks like a wonderful time at the street market ;) our flea market is a little like that mixed with a scrap yard and a neighborhood garage sale. Sorry to hear about the bad luck with appliances lately :(


That weekend sounds fantastic, especially the part about Red Robin!

I heart that restaurant and they finally put one in B'ham!

Bookish Wendy

The thing (really, the only thing), I miss about the south? The food. Man, do I miss that food.


That sounds like so much fun, even if you did have to return the lawn mower!


Sounds like my kind of weekend.


Sounds like a good weekend - other than the defective lawn mower. You've had MORE than the lawn mower and the dishwasher?!?? Eek.


That market looks like a lot of fun, perfect for a fambly outing!


Sweet! Good times were overdue for you.

Just to let you know, we missed you yesterday, over brunch, bottomless mimosas, and eventually, cake.

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