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March 25, 2007



hows the carpet? i can do snakes.. it's the clowns that get me in the deep dark night :)


We start our load tomorrow. Packing is done. I would Love some questions! Hang tough- you can do it. Monsters, baby,Monsters!


I hate snakes too! I'd love to be interviewed too! Send the questions when you get some time :-)


Heh, I like your perfect meal answer :o) This does sound like a fun meme to try. If you get done with the others, send me some questions too, please?


physical ache is right!
I could have put it better myself. Nice interview.


I can't do math either. Like, at all. I'm horrible at it. So your answer makes PERFECT sense to me.

I'm totally impressed that you taught yourself how to knit. That's awesome. :)

Thanks for playing! I enjoyed reading your answers.


What a fun interview! I'll do this if you want to send me some questions.


You guys are really moving along with the house things. How's Boogie doing with all the changes?


We are so much alike, especially with the math and snakes. Of course, math (acct, especially) is becoming a bigger fear than snakes!!!

Now, I want some questions thrown my way!


I'd love to be interviewed by such a talented pianist and knitter, such as yourself!


Good luck with the carpet!! Heh, and thank for reminding me that I need to answer Tink's interview questions...

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