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February 14, 2007


Ari (Baking and Books)

Those shirts are adorable, I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day!


I'm knitting a fraternal twin-sort of sock myself! I originally bought that yarn in 4 different colorways; you got the pinkish-purple one and I still have a light and dark blue one, a shades of green one, and a blue and turquoise one (all are plied with black like yours). And I have to say I'm not loving knitting with the yarn. I like the resulting fabric fine, but the yarn feels like wool wire. Yick. Plus trying to find the end in that center-pull ball was a nightmare. Just to see if I had a weird ball of yarn, I tried a second one -- same mess.

I sure am glad you are liking yours.


I love the sock colors (and the devil Ts, too). I am just finishing a pair of black socks for myself, as well as a pair of black Delicato mitts, so I empathize about needing color... it is all I can do to resist not simply starting something else, but I am within an inch of the second toe... give me strength!


The shirt is so cute! Hope you guys had a happy valentine's day!


Mija loves her shirt (seriously, she had such a good time wearing it today!). Thanks again!

Instead of burning heart-shaped boxes of candy, how about eating the candy and decoupaging the boxes? Fun!


Happy Valentine's Day -- great pictures you're taking, did you get a new camera? I love the light in that last shot coming across the needles.


Cute t-shirt! Happy Valentine's Day.


Happy Valentine's Day - I'm with Melody, eat lots of chocolate! That's my plan at least. ;)


Ok, ok, happy V-day to you, too. ;) Love the lil devil t-shirt!!!


Love Devil! That's adorable!


Happy Valentine's Day.. eat lots O chocolate!

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