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June 07, 2006



ok, i'm sure it's illegal to enter twice, but i have 26 baby chicks right now and, having just posted a Barbie caption quote, i now humbly submit a Ken caption.

Ken-to-Barbie: Whatcha makin? Diapers for chicken butts?


Ken, I promise that as soon as I finish knitting myself these opposable thumbs I'll start on that little project for you that we talked about. What size do you want it to be?

WHAT did you say?!? I thought you wanted a SWEATER!


"Come on Barbie, I really want to make it to the sock hop tonight. I really don't think you have time to knit us both a pair before then." "You just relax Ken. With my turbo knitting needles and this fancy floss, I can knit anything in no time!"


I respectfully understand that the judge will not see this one! But geeze, you put a naked man doll up there...Someone has to write it!

Ken: Barb, you sure are sexy when you knit with those big sticks. I just love how well you handle them.

Barbie: Knock it off Ken, there's no way in hell I'm putting this down...I've got a headache.

Ken: But Barbie, honey, I could be your yarn slave, I could put this skein right on here like this... see...mmm...look no hands... now I'll just help you pull...mmm...the yarn off..mmmmmm...oh yeah, keep knitting...

Barbie: Um, Ken, you're a real sick puppy...That is just gross. By the way smarty pants, you do remember you are EXTREMELY allergic to wool, don't ya?

Barbie with wry grin (to herself): Gee wiz, I just can't seem to remember where I put that benedryl I just bought...oh, well.


Ken: Aren't you finished with that row yet?

Barbie: Not quite, almost there though.

Ken: Why do you have to knit all the time anyway?

Barbie: Do you want to be wearing clothes made of red duct tape forever?


Ken: Hey, Barbie. Why don't we go to the beach and frolick in the waves? You can be Beach Barbie.

Barbie: We're not going anywhere until I've finished this row.

Ken: But you said that yesterday - you must have finished a row by now.

Barbie: Do you think it is that easy to knit with my fingers moulded permanently into the same pose?


Okay, I'm not feeling very funny, but here ya go --

Barbie: Gosh, it's hard to knit without articulated joints!
Ken: Huh?


Ken: Aren't you done knitting my willy warmer yet?! This loincloth is SOOOO tacky.

Barbie: Keep yer pants on, dude.


*giggles* Heh - I think it goes something like this.

'Ken': Why do I have to stand here holding this again?

'Barbie': I'm knitting you a straight-jacket just in case we get a repeat of last week.

'Ken': Aww.. Can't a guy have a little fun? Will I ever live that down?

'Barbie': Not a chance. Spool me out some more yarn.

I don't know - is that Boogie safe? ;o)

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