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June 07, 2006



Sounds better than my day!!!

I entered your contest...well sorta...I wrote you a caption that you can laugh at. It's a bit to twisted for the ears of Boogie! :)


It may seem boring to you now but you'll look back and love this time some day.


OH MY. You get to sleep past 5:45 am? man am I jealous! The small hollering boys usually have me up by quarter to six or six. I am sssssssoooooooooo jealous.


Wow - great document of the day! You definitely don't lead a boring life - you spend so much quality time with your family :o)

I was so tired yesterday my day would have been summed up in 'I want sleep. See me later.' ;o)


It was an exciting day!


You did a wonderful job documenting your day - how fun! Heh, it'll be forever by the time I get mine done. I think I'm at breakfast so far. :)

I mentioned your contest this morning, but I think blogger is still messed up, so...


What a wonderful day! Beautiful time with Boogie, some friend time, and some knitting time. What could be better? I just spent 40 minutes walking through wet grass hoping Pearl would poop before I had to leave for work. I wonder if I could get Pearl to wear diapers?

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